Cape May Bike Beach Cruiser Shirt - Short Sleeve Women's Cut


Cape May Bike Beach Cruiser Shirt - Short Sleeve Women's Cut

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Our Beach Cruiser Bike shirt is a Classic At the Beach America shirt. We do our Cruiser shirts of various towns, and also with just the beach cruiser bike alone, without the name of the town.

This particular beach cruiser bike shirt is for Cape May in the Women's cut version. It's also a comfy fit, but the length and the sleeves are not as long as in the unisex version. It is shorter in length and the sleeves are normal, not really long like on a guys shirt. It is also cut more for the female curves. It is a very soft shirt. That gets even softer with time.

Cape May, America's First Resort, off at exit O (yes, zero:) from the Garden State Parkway. Featuring the most Victorian Homes next to San Francisco.. a beautiful beach town on the NJ Coast, at the tippy end of the state, a little island, connected by a little drive-over bridge, with beautiful gardens, horse-drawn carriages, beautiful beaches and a lovely spot for beach weddings. An ideal place to start your relaxing bike ride and to visit the other beautiful beaches along the eastern shore.

This is a beautiful gift for anyone that loves the calming zone of a bike ride,  including yourself. Because riding a bike can be so relaxing and meditative,  On the flip of the shirt (see the WHY section below) our Cape May bike shirt says, "Bliss" the people of Cape May know it to be.

Available in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved for both men and women. We offer this shirt in lots various colors at various times in limited editions. Short sleeved are $28 and long sleeved are $38.  Check the inventory to see what we are currently making.

Quality of Shirts:
1)  Uniquely designed by us. We originally create what moves us in life, when we feel it,  which our customers identify with.  We don’t believe in copying trends, or fads;
2) They are Hand-printed,  in limited editions, by us, here in the ol' USofA, with love and attention to detail. We make each one as though it were for a loved one, so you can be assured of our very present attention to detail on each and every item when you, or your loved one, receives it.
3) Always on the HIGHEST Quality materials.
4)  100% cotton Pre-Shrunk (unless otherwise indicated.)
5) We are frequently told by customer’s “favorite and longest lasting shirt!”

WHY we make our hidden-message shirts - Our Signature Shirts :
"It's what's on the Inside that counts" -  our life long motto and thus the translation of our shirts, when we design them in various languages. (Even our shirts in English, have a "hidden message"). We hide the translation under the flip of the hem; always a positive  & upbeat saying, and a thought provoking memento to hold close to your heart.

People collect our shirts, and have often worn them to get through not just joyous times, but also  the more important, challenging times. It's not wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's holding what's dear to you close, so that you are reminded of the important things in life.

The translation of the wording on the front of the shirt, is always something dear to the wearer, encouraging always, that they can either choose to share, or not to reveal, when asked  by others what the the word (or words)  "mean" ? And this definitely happens, since most of us don't speak a lot of languages fluently, but  most of our customers are all smart and curious individuals, and most enjoy interacting with smart and curious individuals for soulful conversation or friendly debate.

So,  the answer is hidden beneath the hem of the shirt.  

A shirt with choices, but ALWAYS a shirt that will inspire curiosity and definitely a conversation piece. And most importantly, a personal reminder of  inspiration.   


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