Winner's Announcement - Christmas Eve, 2013

WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT + New Contest Event Announcement - Christmas Eve, 2013

FOUR WINNERS!  for 1 each At the Beach America MERMAID Ornament ...or, if you choose to call it - depending on the season - a "charming home accoutrement" because you could hang them anywhere, year around! ....HERE are the WINNERS: 

(make that trumpet sound in your head, that I can't figure out how to spell, that begins with TA-TA-DA-DAAAA :) ......

1) Robin Wolfe - Mermaid and her Sailor! 

2) Vickie Kulp - Sweet Mermaid Dreaming on the Steps! 

3) Meg Tucker - 3 sisters, Renaissance Mermaids in Blue! 

4) Michele Martel Miller - Mermaid and her Sailor! 

There you have it ladies, CONGRATS, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (read below how to contact)....

Click on our "ornaments" button to see all the Mermaids,  and MORE Mermaids are coming soon! 

We combined both Mermaid Ornament FB Posts for this drawing as promised, and IF  (if, if, if) you didn't win THIS time, don't despair, stay active on our page, as we have contests ALL THE TIME! are all so terrific, and we appreciate YOU ALL SO MUCH, 


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays  to ALL! 

Click AT THE BEACH AMERICA FACEBOOK PAGE  to get back to our FB page to Win More, in this next event, enter now, the winner picked in a couple of days!!!  ....Also, if you did win, please go to our FB and comment under the post that you saw this!!! 

Peace to ALL, be safe, 


At the Beach America