Care Instructions

HEADBAND WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash, line dry the Headbands.
NOTES TO CONSIDER : Even though we tell everyone to "Hand wash, Line dry"... you don't need to stress that you need to delicately wash your headbands in Woolite. Not the case, as they are pretty indestructible. a nice bar of soap is best, when washing your hands. But you can wash them in the shower with a bar of soap, shampoo ---even one of those little tiny bars of soap you might find in your travels at your hotel, heck- even dish soap will work if you're in a pinch! :)
You will find that most things can wash out of our headbands, including foundation make-up and chocolate and many things you might not expect! We can't guarantee everything of course, but you may be surprised by how many things can wash out of your headbands in the event it accidentally gets something on it.

Just don't put your headbands in the dryer. Line dry. They dry pretty fast. OR.... if it's really hot outside, (or you just want to wear it before it dries!) you can just put it on your head wet. The beauty is that it won't drip or look wet on your head while your wearing it, if you've chosen to wear it wet! For instance, we've had women wear our headbands (purposely wet) in the heat of summer in Florida while working outside in a business suit (as in realtors showing property outside in hot humid weather) and they still look and feel great! People who work in these "hot" conditions love wearing our headbands wet as it keeps their overall body temperature nice and cool. AND--no one can tell that they have on a "wet headband"! It still looks very chic and well-manicured. No one will have a clue that you are wearing it wet :-) Meanwhile, if it is boiling outside, your body temperature in the hot sun is being cooled down by your headband! (A helpful note to using our headband to keep yourself cool, is to periodically rinse your headband in cold water, ringing it out and then putting it back on again. It feels great! (We hear this method is great after "hot yoga"!)
On the other hand, our At the Beach America Headbands WICK MOISTURE (and perspiration!) so if you are doing something like running, or hot yoga, beach volleyball, kick boxing, Zumba (or ANYTHING that makes your profusely perspire) then you don't have to worry about perspiration rolling down your face--our headband will take care of that for you too! :-)
There are those that maintain they machine wash our headbands in a "for delicates" bag, and then line dry and they are fine. However, if you want them to last (we've been doing them for 8 years) and many, many have maintained they've lasted beautifully all this time-then we recommend, "hand wash, line dry." It's only 10 seconds :)
Different Art Shirt Cuts:

Unisex Shirt- Our shirts are worn by BOTH men and women. They are pigment dyed and direct dyed, top of the line shirts. They are the elegant version of a shirt with soft fabric that gets softer in time. The colors are, wonderful, non-artificial pigment colors. The cut is a fuller cut. This is not a form fitted shirt but a comfortable shirt. The sleeve is slightly longer than the ladies cut shirt, or the "fem". this shirt is a loose fit. It is also a little longer in length.
For Guys: if you are a guy that wants a comfortable shirt, that's not tight, that feels great, then this is the shirt for you. Lasts forever. Doesn't shrink. Comfort all the way.
For Women: If you are a girl or woman that wants a looser fit, or a full figured, then this would be a good match for you too. It is a longer shirt than our Fem-Cut and our Ladies- Cut, and the sleeve is a bit longer. However you can take a unisex sleeve and roll it up a couple of times for a more feminine look that looks great. (Also, check out our shirts labelled "ladies cut" because that is still a loose fit , but not as long. That is better explained below as there are 2 types of short sleeved women's/girl shirts. However many women wear the uni-sex shirt, not just the guys. If you have ANY questions about the fit, then feel free to email us at:
Washing the Unisex shirt: Our Unisex shirt is pretty indestructible. They don't shrink. With regular washing, shrinkage It's really minimal, less than 2% which is not noticeable. This shirt can go in the washer and the dryer. We recommend to tumble dry. We only use the very top of the line materials. And we like things that last!
A little more advice: Because we print our designs the best way, the "old-fashioned way" by hand, we recommend washing your shirts INSIDE OUT in Cold water. You don't have to, but it's a nice thing to do. We also recommend drying your shirts inside out in tumble dry. A good thing to remember for any pigment dyed shirts you get from anyone that are hand-made: the "ideal" way is to wash your shirts in cold water, inside out and tumble dry.
Our Unisex pigment dyed shirt comes in many different colors.

Feminine Cut. This is a Form- Fitted. (This is not the "Ladies" shirt which is a looser shirt). The form fitted "FEM" shirt WILL SHRINK UNLESS you wash it in cold water and line dry.
This shirt also runs small. It's a French style (super soft) fabric, with a European cut & fit.
It fits smaller than you would expect, compared to American sizing. Order at least 1-2 sizes up (larger) than you normally take for American sizing. Also keep in mind that it will shrink so you would also want to wash it in cold water. (If you typically take a large, you may want to go with an XL or a 2x. This is not a typical 2x by any means. A 2x in this kind of fabric is much smaller. (Most people think it looks like a Ladies American large when the 2x form-fitted is held up.) If you take a medium generally, than order a large or an XL with this fabric. This is very typical of a fine European Boutique style shirt with very soft light fabric.
This female shirt (which we always call the "Fem-Cut") comes in short sleeves in the bright pink shirt, in the white short-sleeved shirt, the brown short-sleeved shirt, a seafoam green shirt and anything that says "FEM CUT". It's not our only ladies shirt, but a very popular one. If you have the heads up about the sizing ahead of time, you'll be fine.
WASHING the FEM-CUT: Since this is a form-fitted shirt (unless bought much larger), it already runs small as explained up top.This is the one shirt that we produce that WILL SHRINK UNLESS you wash it in Cold water and line dry. If you do that, you're fine!!

Our Ladies cut shirt is different than the Fitted cut. It's a comfy cut. It's a good idea to read about both the "Ladies Cut" and the "Fem Cut" so you can see which one you would like for you. However, certain colors ONLY come in one cut or the other. For instance our Lime shirt at this time only comes in the Ladies cut.
The Ladies Cut is a great shirt. This shirt will NOT shrink. If so, very, minimally (unlike the Fem Cut which needs special washing instructions.) It also has a feminine neckline, a shorter length than the unisex cut, a fuller cut than the "fem cut", and a feminine sleeve (without being too short).
The LADIES CUT (the roomier fit) however, is pretty indestructible. However, some prudent measures are a good way to keep your shirt in tip-top boutique condition.

The LADIES CUT has very soft fabric (that gets even softer in time), but a little heavier fabric than the Fem-cut. The Ladies cut is also super comfortable and is 100% cotton. More like an upscale t-shirt. It's great in the wash. It's cut fuller and a little wider for a comfy fit, and it's cut a little bit shorter as well, so it generally will sit higher on the hip than the uni-sex shirts. The sleeve is cut wider, but not as long as the"Unisex" shirt sleeve. This sleeve is not cut high, it still has nice coverage, but it's just not as long as the unisex sleeve. (Which, if you like the unisex shirt, you can always roll up the sleeve for a flirty "fem" look.) Both the Ladies Cut and the Fem Cut have a very nice "ladies" sleeve length. It's not as long as a the "unisex" short sleeve, nor is it cut too high.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a difference between a "Fem Cut" (a fitted shirt) and the "Ladies Cut" ( a non-fitted shirt). The DIFFERENCE between the "Fem-Cut" and the "Ladies Cut" is that the "FEM-CUT" is a "FORM FITTED" shirt. If you want the form fitted shirt not to be form-fitted (because you like the color or the fabric), then buy it bigger than would be your size-- which is a good way to remember how to get around a "form fitted" shirt if you love the color, or the fabric, but don't want it to be form fitted. Just buy it larger.*** Do keep in mind though that this Fem-Cut already runs 1-2 sizes smaller than your typical sizing. The "LADIES CUT" is a more "ROOMY, COMFY FIT", typical American sizing, but while it is fuller in the bodice, it is cut to a lady-like length on the hip. It is cut shorter than the Unisex shirt, and a little shorter than the Fem-Cut. The "Ladies Cut" being a shorter cut would not generally go over your hips if you buy it in your typical size. The Fem cut sleeve is a little smaller than the Ladies cut. However the FEM cut is a little longer than the LADIES cut.
PLease feel free to email us re: fit if you have any questions at

The Bella is a fabulous long sleeve ladies shirt. The kind of shirt that once you put on, it's hard to take off--it's that comfortable! A very feminine neckline. The Bella shirt is neither a loose shirt, nor tight--(unless bought purposely smaller). It has a little rib, with the perfect amount of stretch. Bought at your normal sizing - it fits wonderfully, this is not a clingy shirt. Think of this shirt more as a shirt that "drapes". This shirt will fit beautifully just about any figure. We find that in addition to your own size, you can also fit into Bella two sizes up and two sizes down from what you typically take (including your own size of course!) It is a very flattering shirt in every way including the lovely neckline. It has an Italian sleeve. The Italian sleeve is a little longer than your typical American sleeve. It also features an Italian style fabric. This is the kind of shirt that can easily be worn for dress up or casual. Washing instructions are fairly easy. Though we always recommend washing any shirt you like inside out, and in cold water. You can either tumble dry or line dry the long sleeve Bella shirt.

The children's shirts are primarily a pigment dyed shirt, and wash well. Like anything that is hand made, for best longevity (which we've been told is "forever!") the best thing is to wash in cold water and tumble dry.
It's always nice to wash anything that is hand done for you inside out. Feel free to email us directly if you have any more specific questions re: sizing of the children's shirts. Another alternative if you love a particular fabric or a color in the "fem-cut", SOMETIMES people will buy the women's "fem-cut" for their children because this particular shirt will shrink to the size they are looking for (depending on how hot the dryer is if you are purposely shrinking it, and how often. Once you get it to the size you
want, then wash it in cold) This Fem cut shirt is a very light shirt, and runs small (even when your buying it for kids). The small in the Fem-cut runs like a typical children's large, but then it can be shrunk down to a smaller size. The American sizing is the standard sizing we use for the regular children's shirts or shirts that are labelled "children's shirt" or "children's sizing". These are all based on the American sizing for children's clothing. The standard American sizing we use for children's clothing is: xxs- xs-s-m-lg

We hand print all of our shirts. And we print all sorts of our designs in all sorts of color combinations. The best thing of course is if you see us, and the shirt is available, and there is one in your size, then to buy it then. Otherwise, get an idea of what specific shirt you like of ours, and then remember what size it is that you like and order on the web
If it is available. Please keep in mind that we are a small art studio, making everything by hand, and even though you saw something in person, does not mean that we will currently be printing it when you need it. We have a lot of images that we want to do, other images we've been waiting to put back in again in stock, balanced all with the world cotton supply and it's fluctuations (and of course we only want the best for our customers!), and we are trying to work within those three major factions. Because the availability of colors and styles has so much fluctuated this past year (because of the major fluctuations and shortages of the cotton market) for 2011 we are doing things in the limited amounts as we are able to get the raw materials we need to make them. However, if there is a combination that you like, and if we don't have it currently available, then we will be creating a "WISH LIST" so that the next time we print that color combination, you will be put on the list to be contacted. There is still a chance we may have your shirt combination currently in stock, but if you don't see a button currently up on the site, and you've "refreshed" your page, that can mean that the stock availability is very low, and worth a phone call. It still may be worth contacting us as we may have your color preference and size, we just didn't make it available for web purchase if there are too few.
We do many images in several languages and not everything is up on the web as we've just started our web site. If you have seen something in person, but don't see it up on the web, please drop us an email to: with your request and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can as to whether we currently have it, or when it will next be printing.
If you don't see one of our designs that you have wanted to purchase, or that you have seen on someone else, it doesn't mean that we don't have it. As stated above, we have just started our website, and learning by scratch (literally) how to do our site ourselves, so getting all our work up on our site may take a little while. We launched our site
toward the end of February 2011 and we are working on, and will continue to work on, the site just about every day. We have some really fun new designs that are here and many more coming up shortly--so we will do what we can to keep them in stock. And if it's available in your size when you see it, grab it! Hopefully you have had great fun and compliments with your shirts and you will be able to help us direct people to our site! Please let us know if there is anything of ours we can help you with :) If you have any questions, please email us at

Links page
In the near future, we will be creating a favorite Links page. We have a lot of wonderful customers that do wonderful things. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this.

Some of the possible ways to wear At The Beach America Headbands

Some of the possible ways to wear At The Beach America Headbands