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Enter to Win $1,400 MEGA Headband Giveaway! 5 Free Headbands ($75value) every month: At The Beach America 5 Free Headband Giveaway! $75 Value- FREE SHIPPING! Enter once for all drawings! To be eligible you must Like our Facebook Page and enter below. We respect your privacy immensely, and will not sell, give, or share your info.

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EXPLANATION & RULES for Drawing of registered entrants OF AT THE BEACH AMERICA 5 Headband GIVE AWAY!

What this AT THE BEACH AMERICA Headband drawing is:

1) 5 Free GREAT At The Beach America Headbands every month.

2) Also, Prior winners and prior participants will still also be eligible. You will always be part of the drawing group if you have signed up (and you are "eligible" to participate--in other words, you don't work for us, not our best friend, etc…see below on that.) As we try to reach our goal of 1000 Facebook likes (since we came to this party so very late… after all, 1 BILLION were already on Facebook, do we even have a chance? …We have a lot of catching up to do, BUT WE'RE GOING TO GIVE YOU OUR ALL, AND GO FOR IT! :) …and as we work toward our goal, the pool of eligible participants will get bigger at each drawing. The previous group with us will always get to be eligible and participate in the next drawing…as long as we keep hitting that next 100 mark.

3) The headbands will be picked by us from very popular current designs available, and/or may also include very popular designs that are sold out (as a special perk) that are not available elsewhere.

4) IMPORTANT: So TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST: also like us on Facebook, AND ENTER on this page provided (sorry, that last part is required by Facebook that we just found out about) . What Facebook requires is that you actually press the button to say that you would like to be included in this giveaway, but it shouldn't be any big deal if you are already a member of Facebook, as it just requires your name and email address for notification and that you acknowledge releases on the participants. It turns out that Facebook does not permit people to be entered automatically by just liking you, or you liking them. (Glad we checked into that! :)

5) For the FIRST drawing, because of these Facebook rules, and us being so new to Facebook, and we really want to make it a great experience for everybody, we're going to allow 1 WEEK FOR THE FIRST 104 LIKES (from our list we already printed out--4 folks of which are ineligible, so that is we are including the 104) TO SIGN UP AND REGISTER FOR THIS CONTEST through our Facebook page. There is no getting around this as Facebook has its rules— and as we all know, it's smart to play by the rules! :) So, your chances might be even higher if not everyone from the 104 people sign up--but it's EASY, so we hope you do!

6) We will then draw the names from random , and probably make a you-tube of it, and likely have it on our website and possibly through Facebook if it is allowed (we're still trying to get that interpreted)…though we can have the you-tube on our site of the actual drawing…and on Facebook, we can announce a winner has been picked. You may have to go to our website to see it though. ( Facebook Sweepstakes rules and Promotions # V6) . The winner will be directly informed by email. (Remember to keep an eye on your Facebook newsfeed that a winner has been picked and ALSO your junk folder in case our direct email to the winner ended up there.) And at the very least, we can announce on our Facebook page that a winner has been picked…. so at least you'll know and you won't be left wondering ...and you may have to go over to our site (where we'll provide a link) for you to see the actual drawing, so that you know it was done fair and square! :)

7) When we notify the winner, by the email address they provided through the Facebook page, in the entry section, they will have 30 days to get back to us informing us that they are the winner. Even though you have entered on the secure Facebook contest entry page for At the Beach America (North social has a whole secure system and template for doing this properly so that is what we are using) You will be providing contact information only to At The Beach America, and not to Facebook. By providing the information through Facebook, you are providing the information to us, At the Beach America, so that we can contact you. Please do not assume we have your email address to contact you. As stated above, there are rules as to how you can announce a Facebook winner. Facebook will not use any information that you give to us, other than what you have already given them. Additionally, it is our standing policy that your email address that you provide to At the Beach America, in signing up for this contest will not be sold, rented, or given away to any 3rd party. We respect your privacy immensely.

8) The winner of each drawing (in each 100 new At the Beach America Facebook Likes that has registered on Facebook to be part of this giveaway) will have 30 days to contact us via email and provide shipping information within the Continental United States. (Winners headbands will be shipped for free via UPS.)

9) Please tell all your friends about this as you have nothing to lose--the drawings will just be sooner, and maybe you can share headbands for letting them know about the contest. In other words, maybe your friends will pay it forward! PLEASE JOIN US! We'll be doing lots of fun things along the way! :)

5 Free Headband -Giveaway Drawing-Contest Rules

Now for the legal jargon. Turns out that Facebook has rules for things like this to protect everyone involved, so that's a good thing :)

But it's a tiny bit more involved than us picking a number out of a hat on the beach as we planned…we can still do that, but Facebook, it turns out, requires people to register to protect them, and us, from liability. So, they have some things they want us to put in here (and anyone else that wants to do a contest on FB) and those will be included below. You'll probably be able to guess which are our rules and the legal guru's, by the wording :)

Here they are:

1) You must first have "liked" us on our Facebook page.

2) Due to Facebook rules, only people that sign up on our Facebook page in the registration area can be eligible for the 5 great headband giveaway per 100 likes drawings.

2) Those Not eligible-Family, close friends, or if you have ever worked for us personally or professionally in any capacity; Otherwise, people might think we rigged it! That sounds fair, right?

3) The headbands can't be substituted for other headbands or anything else; or,

4) the headbands cannot be exchanged for money (that seems obvious, but recommended to put in, because you never know what people will expect these days! :)

5) That you acknowledge this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

6) nor are you eligible if you are a retailer of ours, or their employees

7) we may update and change the rules at any time; we may also cancel the contest at any time. Highly unlikely, but still recommended to put in by the men in suits...

8) the last thing by the folks in suits... That you acknowledge that by entering this Sweepstakes you provide a complete release and forever discharge of Facebook and At the Beach America, or their parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, servants, and agents, and their successors and assigns jointly and severally from any and all actions, any and all liability, causes of action, contracts and covenants, whether express or implied, claims and demands for damages, indemnity, costs, interest, loss or injury of every nature and kind whatsoever arising, which I may heretofore have had, may now have, or may hereinafter have without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all claims in any way relating to this product, these products, drawing, and Sweepstakes by each entrant or participant.

9) Now, that you have read all of this….let's have fun and get a drawing so that your chances of winning 5 AWESOME HEADBANDS for you or your favorite people, can get on its way! If there is something here that we have not covered, that you savvy Facebook people know about, then Please SHARE it with us. We are so excited to join the Facebook Community~We have so much to learn~But Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, patience, and support! xoxo At the Beach America…Good Luck! :)

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