Gentle Pony Gallery Affair - Ponytail Holder B&W


Gentle Pony Gallery Affair - Ponytail Holder B&W


GENTLE Ponies! SUPER GENTLE Ponies,  Another First by At the Beach America. Known for our Innovation, Quality, Selection and attention to Detail, we have created "THE BEST" and most favorite and reliable "go-to" pony tail wrap! !  No matter how thick or fine your hair, finally the Pony Tail wrap that  actually fits AND IS SUPER GENTLE! ( more below scroll down)

When you buy 4 or more ponies, you get your ponies for $3 a piece! - use coupon code: "poniesgalore"

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Solid Classic Black - At the Beach America Headband

At the Beach America - The only fully Sport-To-Fashion Headband. Elegant & chic, non-slip,  wicks perspiration, and Super Comfy! One size fits All.  2 — Adult.  Folds to any width - thin or wide 1/2" — 5". Versatile to whichever mood your in! Our unique materials and construction are  proprietary. Our selection, and service is top of the line. Get the original, not a cheap imitation.  Our quality is second to none and they last.  Whatever your style, At the Beach America will make you look fabulous! Satisfaction guaranteed. Black is also one of the most popular running headbands.

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After several years of testing, At the Beach America came out with the "Gentle Pony " in 2013. The original and the best, they promptly sold out. This year, for 2015 we have added even more patterns and after so many requests, we have  now added the Gentle Pony "ponies" to the website. 

You can now find most of our At the Beach America Headband patterns,  now offered as an  At The Beach America Gentle Pony. Guaranteed to be THE GENTLEST on your hair, our Gentle Pony is as versatile as it is helpful, for every single situation you have for a ponytail!  You can layer them, stack them, keep them sleek, bunch them, or pull up to  wear them flat -versatile as you want them to be!  For  casual, to sport, or formal occasions, like our Headbands, it just depends on how you frame them!  From Preppy to Bohemian and in every color & pattern in between !  (** See Great Features Below**) 

Here are some of the great features of your Gentle Ponies: 

1) Very Stretchy and Super Comfy - same motto We've Always had for our Headbands! Upscale, single fabric all the way around!

2) SAVE YOUR HAIR!  NO more ripping, tearing, slicing into or Splitting your Hair from your other ponytail holders. ! This is THE GENTLEST Pony Tail holder for your hair bar none! Also Great for Colored Hair. Nothing will treat your hair more gently while you keep your pony tail  or braids (or bun) in check and looking fabulous. Now in addition to your favorite At the Beach America headband/ headwrap, you can have our Modern Hair Wrap for your Pony Tail! 

3) 1 size fits ALL (usually twisting 2-3 times with good stretch around your hair depending on your hair.) For all hair types -thick or fine! Always  & effortlessly look chic!  

4) Fold them to ANY width you like!  Simple tug makes them short or long! Lay flat for sleek look. 

5) Super Comfy. You won't know they are there! You won't want to be without them. 

6) Reversible in that you will see the same pattern on BOTH sides with no bulk! 

7) Holds snug as you like. (And you'll forget they're there!) 

8) Great Accoutrement to our classic Headbands. Get a matching set! Or Mix and Match!

9) Also great to keep on your wrist until you need it, or use 1 to pull your hair up into a "messy bun". At the Beach America's Gentle Pony  serves different functions and will be your saving grace when you most need it! 

10) PERFECT for Play, Work, School, Sport!  Truly…From the Beach to a Formal Occasion!  (And you won't want to play any sport without therm! Adaptable for every single activity in your life! :)  

11) Wear it smooth or smushed.  If you want a smooth effect, after you put it on - as you would a typical pony tail holder, you can just play with the different layers and pull up for a smooth front as you see in some of the models photos with our Gentle ponies.

12) Tons of Patterns - Including Solids!  Hundreds of Patterns, many limited edition to so order early! We are adding them continuously. Why wear the mainstream, with few choices and look like everyone else? You have your own style. You;re UNIQUE, and so are our customers! 

13) AWESOME for Travel!! Like our Headbands, super EZ  & Light to Pack! Or wear them as a wristlet for quick access in a pinch situation. 

14) Ideal for a bunch of quick Gifts, including for yourself Your go-to pony tail holder holding your hair just where you want it!  A Great Pony Tail Wrap is like a Great Headband, it is  ALWAYS in STYLE! 

Once you use them-it's hard to be without one! Dress up those old coated elastics or cheap looking imitations and buy the luxury & care you deserve with these cool fabrics! Priced to buy as many as you like, for all your dress up to dress down needs. When you need to pull your hair back, you'll always have sophistication and quality, when your reaching for your At The Beach America Gentle Pony every single time! 

Try them out -You'll be in Love!