At The Beach America Testimonials

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Below are pictures and comments of REAL Customers who love there ATBA Headbands/Shirts and sent us unsolicited pictures and comments. 


..."GREAT FIND!" LInda K.‚ Marmora, NJ

..."Great Stuff!" George D.‚ Washington, DC


Tricia R.‚ Princeton, NJ


..."LOVE THESE BANDS!" Maureen K.‚ Point Pleasant, NJ

..."Hi!....I was wondering if you had a place to purchase your Headbands? ....Thanks so much! I LOVE the Headbands and wanted to purchase some more...."
‚ Jessica A.

...."Your headbands have far and away the BEST Fit and MOST COMFORTABLE HEADBAND ANYWHERE!!...A headband that I can spend all day in--FINALLY!!"
Susan N.‚ Wayne, PA

...."I just love the Quality of your t-shirts! I love how they flip up with the little saying .... I JUST LOVE YOUR SHIRTS! "
Patricia F. ‚ North Carolina


Michelle T.‚ New Hope, PA

...."Your Headbands are AWESOME!".... Stephanie B. ‚ Wenonah, NJ



...."I LOVE your T-shirts!!" Anne P. ‚ Quebec, Canada...

...."I LOVE your T-shirts!!" Anne P. ‚ Quebec, Canada

....."Awesome HEADBANDS!!" Patricia W.‚ Manasquan, NJ

"...I LOVE YOUR HEADBANDS !!" Kathy D.‚ Westchester, PA

..."Love your Stuff!" Stella K.‚ Montclair, NJ

...."LOVE them! I OWN 5 !!...."

Emily R.‚ Glen Allen, VA

..."I LOVE your shirts & the Material feels great!"

Diane C.‚ Edison, NJ


...."LOVE the Headbands!"

Sharon C.‚ Flemington, NJ


...."Love the Dogs, Headbands & Wonderful owners!" Tammy S.‚ Newtown Square, PA

....."Great Images!"

Rita G. ‚ Paterson, NJ


...."Great Shop!! Cindy is wonderful. Your "boys" are beautiful!"

Todd C.‚ Merion Station, PA

...."Quality Shirts. Thank you!"

Robert F.‚ Chateauguay, Quebec

....."Such UNIQUE, One Of a KInd Designer shirts--VERY CHIC! ! And I LOVE the Headbands, know I will live in them too‚ very helpful and knowledgeable...."
Cheryl H.‚ New Canaan, CT

...."My Best Find in Cape May! I can't wait to show off these beautiful designs back in NYC‚ wishing you both TONS of Luck! "
Holly S.- NY, NY



..."Love it! "

... Amanda F. ‚ Wall,NJ


Sue P.‚ South River, NJ



Sue M. ‚ Wayne, NJ

...."Very Creative!‚ Never Seen before!"

Cliff M.‚ Richardson, TX

...."Love the Headbands!"

Ariel M. ‚ West Allenhurst, NJ


..."Such Beautiful Designs!"

Rachel I.‚ Baltimore, MD

Adobe Team all Wearing Moxie Shirts!

Adobe Team all Wearing Moxie Shirts!


...."Thanks so much, I got the last box of shirts (we ordered) today! I sorted through them all and I'm now packaging some up to send on (as gifts) to the Bangladore and Bucharest Adobe Designers (amongst others).....Thanks again for everything, the shirts have been wildly successful!
Heidi W.‚ ADOBE, San Francisco, CA

...."Great Stuff!"

Cathy K.‚ Freehold, NJ ....


"SO Different‚ LOVE IT!"

Tiffany M.‚ Belmar, NJ

....."We Love Them!!"

Amanda F.‚ Bernardsville, NJ


..."VERY Cool!...Thanks!"

Robyn B.‚ Washington, DC



...."LOVE your Shirts!"

Colleen‚ Ocean, NJ


..."AWESOME Shirts!"

Joan B.‚ Spring Lake, NJ


...."Your Shirts are VERY Unique!"

Carol M.‚ Staten Island, NY

...."Really FUN & CREATIVE!"

Tara E.‚ Verona, NJ

..."Great Stuff, well-priced!"

Becca A.‚ Farmingdale, NJ


...."Very Different!"

Danielle R.‚ Brielle, NJ



Sue E.‚ Pt. Pleasant, NJ


...."Great!!" Linda F. ‚ Brielle, NJ


...."Unique!" Holley P.‚ Seaside Heights, NJ

...."QUALITY! Hand-Made (Silk) Screens! LOVE IT!! Christy K.‚ Spring Lake, NJ

...."Too Cool!!" Kim M.‚ Dean, NJ

...."Love the Headwraps & Your Help!‚ Thanks!" Beth Ann S.‚ Mercerville, NJ


....."AWESOME!!!" Patrick R.‚ Wall, NJ


...."Wonderful Ideas!" Rose Marie L.‚ Brielle, NJ

..."LOVE THEM !!!" Lisa D.‚ Manasquam, NJ

....."Awesomely Creative! " Amy P.‚ Mechanicsburg, PA

..."Love IT !!! "    Alice S. Warren, NJ ...."VERY COOL Stuff! (Especially for we DOG LOVERS!) "
LInda S.‚ Coatesville, PA

...."FABULOUS Shirts!!" Pam & Dan D.‚ Yardley, PA

...."AMAZING Graphics and Design!" Mollie‚ Philadelphia, PA

...."Very Excited to get my new Headbands! Very Versatile!" Lindsay B.‚ Philadelphia, PA


...."LOVE the SHIRTS!" Tara P.‚ Morrisville, PA

...."LOVE MY HEADBANDS!" Audra B.‚ Clarksboro, NJ

...." Bought 3 shirts before and just bought 4 more here!" Val T.‚ Shamong, NJ


...."LOVE IT!" Angela‚ Newtown, PA

..."GREAT FUN Headbands!‚ THANKS! Dolete G. ‚ Yardley, PA

...."LOVE THEM!" ‚ Loren M. Yardley, PA

...."Great Stuff!" Yuke L.‚ Newtown, PA

...."Personable‚ Good Quality‚ Honest! " Ashley R.‚ Princeton, NJ


...."Great Stuff !‚ Different!" Betsi T. ‚ Summit, NJ

...."Love these Headbands!" Arlene M. ‚ Southampton, PA

...."Great Service !" Jennifer T. ‚ Springfield, NJ

...."Very Satisfied!" Renee S. ‚ Colonia, NJ

...."They are SO COOL!" Christine W. ‚ Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

...."Great Stuff!" Mary Alice V.‚ Margate, NJ


...."Great Stuff!" Brittani H. ‚ Berlin, NJ

...."Love It!" Sophie B. ‚ Barnegat, NJ

...."LOVE the HEADBANDS‚ You guys are WONDERFUL! " Ellin N. ‚ Howell, NJ

...."Can't wait to show off my new Headbands!" Stephanie B. ‚ Yardley, PA

....."LOVE THESE HEADBANDS!" NIki K. ‚ Galloway, NJ

...."Great Merchandise!" Elizabeth C. ‚ Mays Landing, NJ

...."Love the Headbands!" Cheryl (Eagles Cheerleader)

...."Love All the Headbands!" Danielle‚ Phila, PA (Eagles Cheerleader)

...."Really Fun! Thank You!" Lisa R. ‚ Westchester, PA

...."Fabulous Service‚ LOVE THE LOOK!‚ and the Headband Elasticity is Great!"

Samantha S.‚ Philadelphia, PA


...."AWESOME!" Sarah B.‚ Philadelphia, PA

...."I can't wait to try these out! Thank you! "

Emily S. ‚ Summit, NJ



Arden H. ‚ NY, NY

...."Love Them!"

Joanne B. ‚ Brooklyn, NY

...."AWESOME HEADBANDS! So Excited to wear them! "

Jen B. ‚ Flemington, NJ


...."VERY CUTE BANDS" Jeanette G. ‚ Andover, NJ

....."SO COOL!"

Jennifer M. ‚ Falls Church, VA...."


...."AWESOME!" Sarah B.‚ Philadelphia, PA

...."I can't wait to try these out! Thank you! " Emily S. ‚ Summit, NJ

....."AWESOME SHIRT!" Arden H. ‚ NY, NY

...."Love Them!" Joanne B. ‚ Brooklyn, NY


...."AWESOME HEADBANDS! So Excited to wear them! " Jen B. ‚ Flemington, NJ

...."VERY CUTE BANDS" Jeanette G. ‚ Andover, NJ

...."You guys have the BIGGEST ASSORTMENT of Headband fabrics of anyplace on the planet! They are Gorgeous! I get compliments everywhere I go! Thanks for taking time with me too, and caring. You guys are the best! ....."
Vicki B.‚ Rehoboth, DE


....."SO COOL!" Jennifer M. ‚ Falls Church, VA

"....I have a whole collection of your headbands and I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to them! I wear them EVERYWHERE!".....
Beth M.‚ Annapolis, MD


..."Love these T's and the doggies too!" Karen H.‚ Horsham, PA


...." I would like to buy the off-white headband that my friend bought this Spring with the gold anchors. She wore it in as the BRIDE in HER WEDDING! Even though she always looks gorgeous no matter what she wears, she was the most elegant bride I have ever
seen. And I have to get her headband! Her beach estate wedding was right out of a
magazine and she totally looked the part. Glamourous and elegant all in the same breath! She told me that you have all sorts of headbands for all sorts of occasions and
now I see what she means! WOW! I would like to get headbands asap, and wondering if you have a store in my area, or do you have a rush sort of shipment?".......
Kathleen N.‚ Westport, CT

...."GREAT SHIRTS! LOVE the Characters, and you guys are SO Friendly! Steph C. ‚ Chicago, IL

...."Very Cool Shirts, and Great Designs!" Daniel L. ‚ Washington, DC

...."SO FUN!!! Thank You!!" Kami U. ‚ Washington, DC


LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT! ! ! Keep UP the Good Work ! !

Emily M. ‚ Washington, DC

...."YAY!" Susan W. ‚ Washington, DC

...."Love Your Headbands!" Joan S. ‚ W. Cape May

...."Great Stuff!" Andrea A. ‚ Fair Haven, NJ

...."Great Stuff!" Andrea A. ‚ Fair Haven, NJ


..." I LOVE the STYLE! With your Hair Up or Down, Dressy or Casual, the HEADBANDS still Look GREAT!! "
Kathryn M. ‚ Fair Haven, NJ

....."Real ORIGINAL....COOLEST SHIRTS!" Edward B. ‚ NYC, NY

...."Great Guys and Ladies Products!" Charles C. ‚ Laurel, MD

...."Great Shirt!" Eva B. ‚ W. Newbury, MA

...."LOVE THEM!" Patricia R. ‚ Washington, DC

...."I LOVE IT!" Gina D. ‚ Washington, DC

...." I bought some of your headbands last Summer.....and I Love them ‚ I would love to get some more ‚ but I have moved to London. I will be home for Christmas, can I order some for you to ship? " Carla L. ‚ London, England

...."I bought 4 of your headbands while at the Shore this Summer...I wear them to the gym all the time & have had many women ask me where I got my headbands & they
want to buy them‚ They love the prints and the colors!" ‚ Dianne W.


....."Hi‚ I met you at EM and bought 2 shirts ‚ SHOULD have bought more! ....I am looking for a shirt for a man ‚ Long Sleeve, Large. I wish I could remember all the different themes‚ There were so many I liked! He's into Yoga, Loves his dog, World Music....I look forward to your Launch‚ I LOVE the Graphics! "
Deborah S. ‚ Falls Church, VA

...."More! -More! -More Headbands! I can never get enough of your headbands! They go with everything, and they travel all over the world with me for business and play! Thank
you for such a great product!...." K.F.‚ Greenwich, CT

...."SUPER CUTE!...."Ursula G.‚ Washington, DC


...." Ibought several of your shirts in O.C. ‚ I LOVE them!".....

Karen S. ‚ Yorkville, IL

...."I also met you in O.C. We bought 3 of your awesome shirts from you, 2 of which we gave to my mom who rescues dogs from a local kill shelter on Long Island. ...when
thinking about what to wear to these community awareness events (to promote a NON- kill shelter) on Long Island, I immediately thought of your LIfe Saver Dog Paw Shirts"....

Danica B.‚ Long Island, NY



..."I am wearing my Moxie Pup T-Shirt Right now at work... Everyone Loves it. You HAVE to get your website up! I want to direct people there. Love your work".....
Patricia R. ‚ Round Hill, VA

..."I saw my daughter last night and I was so excited about the T-shirt ‚ I gave it to her LAST Night instead of waiting for Xmas‚ She loved it" ! ! !
‚ Tonya D.

.... "Perfect!...I love this Headband assortment! I'm going to PRE-BOOK an Additional order shipment. I will take 200 assorted (with what you know of my taste in mind) for (my) next shipment in 2 weeks....Please confirm my ADDITIONAL order...."
Thanks! Heather‚ Hampton, NH

...."I love the Headbands. I am a walking advertisement for you! Many of my friends are dying to buy them and have asked for a store...."
‚ Ali L.


....."Beautiful Shirts‚ Great for Sailors & Yogis!.."

Laurie C.‚ Peoria, IL


..."Looking forward to next Visit!"

David B.‚ Lansdowne, PA

...."My husband and I have been traveling for years and this new little shop is MY FAVORITE STORE IN TOWN! "
Judy T. South Shore, MA

..."WONDERFUL!!" Carolina O.‚ Ft. Lauderdale, FL

".....I met you this past Fall when I was traveling from California....My sister stole my 3 AT THE BEACH HEADBANDS to take on a cruise with her! I am so mad!! (I bet this isn't the first time you've heard this!) This time I am going to buy 6 of them and keep them in a locked box! Can't wait till you guys get up online....where is your next show? I'll be back East again for business the first 2 weeks in March. Do you have anybody yet near me where I could buy them?...."

Anne S. ‚ Brentwood, CA
...."Thanks for the personalized response...I wear the brown Moxie (Dog) shirt every week, one of my favorites! ....and the T-shirt and fit are Excellent!....I'm ordering this (next) shirt for my mom....Happy New Year and thanks for your amazing shirts! "
Jono S. ‚ Adobe, San Francisco

...."I have your Orange Moxie Fist/Lightening Bolt shirt .....I LOVE IT! GREAT Shirt.....So the next excitement is the fact that I want the sister shirt. The Black T-shirt with the other Moxie Logo! "
Jon H. ‚ Ohio


...."I just put in an order for the brown XXL....I"m glad that you got so many orders from the Adobe guys. They are Definitely a cool bunch! .....Hey C, I just wanted to let you know that I got the shirt and it's really great. Thanks!...Cheers!"
Eddie H. ‚ Andover, NJ

...."I received the Whale Tail shirt and LOVE IT! Thanks so much for getting it out to I'd love to order the Shark Tooth (Crisis/OP) shirt in a men's XL"......
Nina L.‚ Northern California


...." A lady I work with absolutely LOVES my SOULMATE Shirt (YOUR SHIRTS :) ....she was asking me where I could buy them and I even thought I should have come
back to the show on Sunday to get her one‚ I knew she was going to love anyway I said to her why don't you wait until Christmas...she said I was hoping you would say that! ....So I gave my friend her T for X-Mas and she said it was the absolute Best Present that she got this X-Mas :) LOVE IT!!! I also bought 2 for my husband
which Ruby (our dog) gave to him for X-Mas and he loved them....he came down the stairs last night with it the way he is so picky about his T-Shirts :) !! ....."
Heather V. ‚ Maine


....Hi Cindy! Rich looks so adorable in his beautiful new shirts!!!!! Thanks Sooooooooo much for getting it to him! He LOVES it!
Riva H. ‚ New York

..."how are you two cute love bugs? You two are the best! I had a great time meeting you and LOVE your T-Shirts....They are Awesome!.....
Nini C. ‚ Burlington, Vermont


...."Best wishes from snowy Munich (we went for skiing yesterday)...Whow!! I'm happy to hear you like the photo of my two Moxies. You were right, they really love each other! My daughter is a daddy's girl! .....So, if you ever fly with Lufthansa in direction of Munichmake sure to watch for me. I might be your stewardess.... I wish you both all the best and your beautiful store which IS...our favorite shop! ...." Tanja W. ‚ Munich, Germany


Our family comes back East to the Harbor every year from Texas and your shop is always one of our very first stops. Your shirts and headbands are enjoyed and cherished by all members of our family‚ they are some of our most cherished items from our vacation with great memories. Thanks again!

Susie R. ‚ Houston, TX

"Love your Shop!"

Maureen‚ Huntington Station, NY

"...Our ENTIRE FAMILY wear your headbands!!! These are like the one thing we can ALL agree on! They stretch to fit all of our head sizes. My baby sister likes the same one my dad wears for tennis! My mom is cool with all of them-she tells all her friends about them. We have tons of colors so we don't have to fight over them. My mom wants to get some more for her friends at Yoga...."

Lonnie M.‚ Chicago, IL


Ashley S.‚ Washington, DC

..."Love your Shop!" Maureen‚ Huntington Station, NY

"....Just thought you guys might like to know that your headbands are my LUCKY CHARMS! Every time I wear one one at a Marathon, I break my own records! They wash up great, just like you said. Can't wait to get my new assortment‚ Thanks again! ...."

Sarah D.‚ Chadds Ford, PA

...."We Absolutely LOVE your shop! It is totally different and our FAVORITE Shop in town! You guys should consider going public and raise money with a public offering!

This is really cool....." Christine and Gerard M.‚ NYC, NY and Chatham, NJ


...."HI! It was great meeting you in Maine. Who knew that there would be such cool t- shirts there!! I gave the t-shirts to my husband and father, who loved them!!....I then insisted that we take a picture to send to you. The lobster t-shirt fits me perfectly with my 7 mos. pregnant baby belly (and you can't even tell!)...."

Kim K. ‚ Littleton, MA

...."I recently auditioned and made it onto the dance team, where we'll be doing some competitions in NYC, and at other schools...I'll see if I can where some of my T-Shirts to them....I've also been getting a lot of questions about the t-shirts themselves from teammates and schoolmates whole seem to really like them! ...Oh, and the whale tail shirt you sent, loving it, fits like a charm! :-) ...."

Andrew C. ‚ Lambertville, NJ

...."I know that you have been anxious to have your Fabulous t-shirts seen far and wide, and in thinking of this made a special point of wearing mine during our recent trip to theGrand Canyon....How wonderful to have a poem written about your black lobster shirt‚ you get the most remarkable feedback to your product of anyone I've ever heard of! ...."

Betsie P. ‚ Tucson, AZ

".....AWESOME! Love the Fabrics!"

Jamie T.‚ Washington, DC

"...Love, Love, Love it !! Can't wait to see the dragonfly and lacrosse shirts!..."

Jillian L.—North Wales, PA


Diary entry notes‚

....."and then, a really super nice, darling college student who teaches Sailing over at the Yacht Club came in. She saw our Moxie shirt on a girl at the club who also had a Sailboat named "Moxie" and said she thought she forgot her name but that she was a was a very pretty and nice blonde girl around 20 yrs old. ‚ I then told her it was true, that we had the very NICEST customers‚ She said the shirt was so very cool that she just figured the blonde girl must have had the shirt made for her or something, since her Sailboat was named "Moxie". After that, she then saw a man at the club with our shirt, the lobster one, and she thought it was really cool too, but too embarrassed to ask him where he got it. She said that now that she is inside our little shop here, that she has seen a lot of our different shirts around the Yacht Club and around town , but had no idea that we designed them or that they all came from the same place! She also really loves the navy whale tail shirt with the green tail and would like a small unisex, or xl in the ballet cut because they run so small. I had to totally apologize to her for being so tired and exhausted as we were up all night making shirts....but tried to tell her how much it means to us that she loves our shirts enough to buy them! I hope I was able to show her how grateful I was considering how tired I was ‚ which was really embarrassing‚ since people generally see us as having endless energy! She was really sweet about it ! ......"

Diary notes‚ Designer/Shop owner (Cindy At-the-Beach)

...."I especially love your shirts because they are so unique!...." Kathleen M.‚ Charlestown, SC

....."It was PLEASURE meeting you at the Expo last week. I was the one who bought 10 Heabands, teaches K-Boxing and Spin, lives in Manyunk and summers in Avalon.Anyways, I wanted to follow up and let you know that I LOVE my bands!......."

Erika R.‚ Manyunk, PA

....."My friends and I ALL agree--your headbands are the MOST COMFORTABLE HEADBANDS of any headband we've ever tried and they DON'T EVEN SLIP EiTHER! Even with all our different heads :) My favorite is the wedding one (with those goldanchors) and we all have different favorites. We want to get a bunch more- they give us good luck in our sailing competitions! Looking forward to the Sailing shirt!

Sarah K. ‚ Princeton, NJ


..."I ordered 9 shirts and they were ALL AWESOME! My husband loves his lobster long sleeve shirt‚ the Happiness one‚ he wears it all the time. He even took it to Tampa

when he went on business last month‚ quite the conversation piece. We wear all of the shirts we have gotten from you ‚ they are so nice and wash up great.....LOVE them. I also ordered the orange Life Is Golden - to which the orange is absolutely beautiful. I love it - it fits awesome. The rest of the shirts are awesome!

I just loved all of them and I know my friend will love the orange one ‚ the happiness one, soulmate‚ you guys did an awesome job on ALL of the shirts.....Again, thank you so much for all of the hard work on my shirts ‚ they are awesome and absolutely

beautiful . So you and C be proud of yourselves because of a wonderful job that you did. I love them and appreciate everything you have done for me.... Take care and thank you so much once again. I sound like a broken record with all of my thanks, don't I? :)

Barbara S. ‚ Indiana

..."You have the BEST SELECTION of HEADBANDS anywhere I have seen. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get your website up or a store in our area! I work in DC and vacation on the Delmarva Peninsula. I would be willing to drive about an hour radius. Any of the above options would work great for me so that I can see you more frequently. Your headbands also make the PERFECT GIFT, because all my girlfriends want them!!! Keep in touch....."

Lisa M.‚ McLean, VA

...." I LOVE THESE! ....THANKK YOU !!!"Valerie T. ‚ Mullica, NJ

...."My daughter's dance recital went off without a hitch thanks in part to your headband. She looked darling with her hair out of her face; the material was very absorbent for any perspiration while having her look very elegantly poised. The material is very nice - the best quality of any I have ever seen. How WONDERFUL to finally find something to give up the world of pinching headbands. YOURS ARE A DREAM! I am now a big fan myself and seem to always have one on! Please let us know when you will be coming back to the city...."

Wendy S. ‚ New York, NY


....."MY bridesmaids all wore your headbands with the yellow floral pattern and they were a big hit--they all fit perfectly, and amazingly didn't slip. My bridesmaids were so excited that they would be able to wear them to all sorts of things like working out to going out on a date! ! As bridesmaids though--with their hair all done up with your headbands, they looked all together, and so beautiful was the perfect accessory. The one on the little flower girl was SO SWEET!

I can't wait to show you pictures!...." Cindy M. ‚ Marina Del Rey, CA

...."Saw your window last night and came back!" Jon M. ‚ Beacon, NY

....."LOVE IT!...." Jill C. ‚ Warrington, PA

...."Terrific Headbands‚ Friendly people...." Kayte F.‚ Ardmore, PA

"....Great Shirts....Great Gifts!!"

Stephanie B.‚ Audobon, NJ

....."Love them‚ Fun!" GiGi K.‚ Ocean City, NJ

".....Awesome Shirts!....."

Eloise L.‚ Somers Point, NJ


..."They are Great!" Truna D.‚ St. Davids, PA

..."Love these T's and the doggies too!"

Karen H.‚ Horsham, PA

".....Awesome service and Products! .....Thanks!..."

Rose G.‚ Radnor, PA

...."Great Headbands for Crew! "

Sheila S. ‚ Washington, DC


(A Poem Written about our T-Shirt from a Poet/Customer for AT-THE-BEACH AMERICA)

Phyllis has a designer's eye

She knows from life

around the world

and thousands of catalogs

what looks good on her

and her friends.

Your ideas on clothes

deserve the prizes you win

clear images,

humorous thoughts

which make a point


until revealed

with a lift

then a belly laugh

or a wise,


you must see the the world

in your tiny shop

from which you send out

your beautiful messages

which edify,


and give pause.

Thank you for making a good


Kendall Merriam Poet

(At-the-Beach note: As with any of the compliments our work receives, as shown in a sampling up above, we are so honored and touched that people would take the time to actually write us.....we are so grateful, thank you ever so much! We keep pounding away to bring you unique and cool and original designs....

And that someone would actually write a Poem for us about one of our designs and their experience in our shop?!...Wow! How many T-shirts have gotten a poem written about them? And by a talented and accomplished individual we had never even met before! Gosh! How cool is that?

Thanks Kendall (and Kenall's wife "Phyllis") ! Thank you so much!! C&C)



"...Would like to have them back at Thanksgiving—Thank You!"

Margaret O.—WWC , NJ

"...Awesome!...The softest, trendiest tops I've seen on the East coast!..."

Brinda M.—NY, NY

"....Fabulous colors, designs, and the best quality material. Like silk on the skin!..."

Isabel G.—Surrey, England

"....Very nice fabric and very cute "undercover" ideas!...

Shana P.—Silver Springs, MD

"....Love the dog shirts!..."

Leslie R.—Royersford, PA

"..cute headbands!.."

Kelly E.—Phoenixville, PA

"....I have TONS of your Headbands that I buy from a store in Chestnut Hill!!.."

Glenna W.—Philadelphia, PA

"....Love em!.."

Melissa M.—Elizabethtown, PA

"...We love your dog shirts! Our mom is a dog rescuer! ..."

D.B.—Oyster Bay, NY

"...Love the Headbands!...."

Bala Cynwyd, PA

"...Great Stuff!..."


Amy M.—Lafayette, PA

"...Love this stuff!..."

Kim L.—Lancaster, PA

"...You're UNDERCOVER Shirts are the coolest shirts I've seen anywhere EVER and I've been ALL OVER THE WORLD! Thanks for being here! You guys are AWESOME!!...."

Janet M.—NY, NY

"....Too Cute!...."

Abby P.—Doylestown, PA

"...Love Moxie !!...."

Catherine M.—NY, NY.

"...Love it!..."

Mary Q.—Audubon, PA

"....Refreshing Line!..."

Tory—Wayne, PA

"...Great designs!..."

Alice G.—Holland, PA

"....Awesome, Thanks!:) "

Ali R., Middletown, NJ

"...Awesome Stuff!.."

Anne S., Narberth, PA

"...Great! Great! Great!..." Susan S., Villanova, PA

"....Great Stuff!...."

Donna F., Narbeth, PA

"....Love Them!..."

Susan B., Collegville, PA

"....Great Stuff !! ...."

Sheila K., Merion, PA

"....Great Headbands!!..."

Marcy B., Philadelphia, PA

"....GREAT Shirts! —I have 6 and Counting! ..."

Gerorge D., Washington, DC


"....WOW! Hen Hao!..."

Amy M., Poolsville, MD

"....Love it, Love it, Love it!....."

Anne R., Pasco, WA

"....Love your stuff !..."

Tedd D., Mclean, VA

"...Fun Shirts!..."

Carla Q., Waynesboro, PA

"...LOVELY! ..."

Catalina, M. , Arlington, VA

"....LOVE YOUR HEADBANDS!..." Juanita M., Miami Beach, FL

"....THANKS! SO Happy I found you guys today ! :-)

Megan G., Silver Springs, MD


Wendy C., Charlottesville, VA

"...GREAT STUFF!..."

Rosa G., Silver Springs, MD

"...Love the Enthusiasm & the Great colors! ..."

Anna P., Washington, DC

Thank you to ALL of our customers for your support! XO :)